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yutencha oc

yutencha oc• half ghost innkeeper of a floating inn
• mascot: black ghost cat

Cat DP


illustrator + designer | I draw almost as much as I nap zzz

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Current Status: Inquiry based (I accept/decline commissions based on my current capacity and workload). However, I do open certain types of commissions on occasion!
Questions/Project & Business Inquiries/Quotes 📧: yutencha.contact@gmail.com
Response Time: Up to 5 days (if you haven't received a response after 5 days I may have not received your email, in which case please resend the inquiry)

Terms & Conditions
Price: Prices are in USD and vary depending on the commission type and complexity (feel free to ask for a quote anytime!). Additional fees may be applicable if extra work is requested and will always be discussed/confirmed with the client before proceeding. Commercial work will have a commercial fee applied (ex. streaming assets).
Payment: Mainly via Paypal, though an alternative may be requested (if the commissioner is able) depending on the scale of the commission. Split/down payments are accepted for larger invoices. I begin commissions after the payment has been processed.
Refund Policy: There are no refunds for commissions. Cancellations are accepted for split invoice/down payment commissions if the unpaid portion has not yet been started. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.
Commission Use: Personal/Private Use: ex. personal collection/gallery, social media icons (uploading to social media is alright as long as you don't claim the artwork as your own) | Commercial Use: ex. stream assets, merchandise (if you're looking to commission commercial work, please mention so in your initial inquiry as it will be charged differently) | Artwork and graphics may not be sold as merchandise or sold in any way. Reselling and distribution for profit, as well as claiming artwork as your own, is strictly prohibited. I retain all rights to my artwork.
Revisions: Sketch Phase: Up to 3 rounds of major changes | After the Sketch Phase: Up to 2 rounds of minor changes per update.
Turnaround: Varies depending on the commission type and is estimated after reviewing the request (generally, from 3 weeks to 2 months). Schedules and time estimates are subject to change, though I will do my best to stick to the original estimate. If you need a commission by a certain deadline, please specify in your initial request. Rushed work will incur Rush Fees.
✧ I generally post and stream commissions, unless requested otherwise.
✧ I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.
By proceeding with a commission, the client agrees to the terms above.

design / stream

Overlay Sample

Stream Assets
Screens & Overlays (ex. Starting, Brb, Offline, In Game, Just Chatting)
Panels (ex. About, FAQ, Donation, Rules, Links)
Sub Badges n/a at the moment
Other (ex. Subathon Graphic, Stream Schedule Graphic, Logo)
For a proper quote, please fill out this form
Deliverables: Png file with transparency (stream schedules will also come with a PSD file)
These do not include illustrations If you'd like to commission stream assets with a background or character illustration, please note that the illustration portion and design portion will have their own respective timelines/turnaround/processes/costs as they are 2 different types of services. I'm also happy to work with existing art assets if you already have permission from the artist! Please have them prepared beforehand if this is the case.

Personal (ex. personal collection/gallery)
✧ Character Illustration
✧ Full Background Illustration (with or without character)
Commercial (ex. streaming/merchandise)
✧ Character Design
✧ Character Illustration
✧ Prop Illustration
✧ Full Background Illustration (with or without character)
For a proper quote, please fill out this form or send an inquiry.

Yutencha Anime Toronto Catalogue

Artist Alley, Booth A124 | Thank you for stopping by!

Accepted Payments: Cash, Card, Tap


LARGE (11 x 17")

$15    |    Buy 2 Get 1 Free

SMALL (5 x 7")

$5    |    Buy 2 Get 1 Free


White Vinyl Stickers: $4 (3 For $10)    |    Shiba Inu: $5


Acrylic Keychains: $14 (2 for $24)    |    Totoro Set (1 Trio + 1 Duo) for $12    |    2 Pins for $12

*There is a protective film over all acrylic keychains that can be peeled off


-$5 when you purchase 2 apparel pieces, -$10 when you purchase 2 hoodies

  • Sizing is unisex but leans towards mens fitting, so they run a bit larger. Feel free to unfold shirts to view them fully

  • Due to hygienic reasons apparel cannot be tried on, but feel free to hold them against yourself!